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by @ 10:36 am on October 7, 2011.

The gestation period of rabbits is supposed to be 28-32 days. Sometimes you even read 28-30. Well, on day 29 I bugged Ern all day, and finally during an extra late milking we managed to get some nest boxes done and in about 10pm. All evening I was sure one of the does was looking restless, and I kept telling her to hold ’em in till we got done. I packed the next boxes with bedding and hay, and they looked pretty darn cozy to me. The does jumped right in and started digging. I checked the rabbits first thing the next morning, all excited, and nothing. I figured they’ll surely have them the next night. So I added a big pile of hay for them to work with, and once again excitedly went over the next morning. They’ve used up the hay I gave them making a nest not in the nice boxes I gave them, but under their hay feeder. And still no babies. So I gave them another pile of hay, and figure surely this morning (day 32) there will be babies. Nope. But there is now fur pulling. There’s some scattered around the floor, and more in a nice ball in the nest they made under the hay feeder. The folks on the Rabbit Talk forum, who know way more than I do, suggested to keep checking and once the babies are born move the whole nest into a box. I’m still hoping to have rabbit for Christmas dinner, and this is starting to push things pretty hard. But there have been enough positive signs of impending babies I’m still hopeful they’ll arrive in the next day or two.



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