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Buckwheat Festival

by @ 1:33 pm on September 30, 2011.

We made it to the Buckwheat Festival last night. What I expected to be a quick trip to the store ended up taking all afternoon. So we dropped Sami off at my parent’s on the way home, threw the groceries in the house and hustled through milking.

With Ern’s crohn’s disease he has to be really careful what he eats. No preservatives, no oils but olive or sunflower, etc. It makes it pretty hard for him to grocery shop, and midway fair food? Forget about it!

But through the natural/organic section at Giant Eagle Ern has been able to find a number of munchies he can eat that don’t bother him. So we picked up a couple small coolers at Walmart yesterday and while I finished milking Ern made us some pizza to pack and take, as well as some other snacks. Doing that actually worked out really well. The pizza was delicious – one game worker actually asked us where we got it because all the pizza she’d found on the midway tasted like cardboard. In the end, we each got a shaved ice (Ern brought his own blueberry juice topping for his), and I got a big bag of kettle corn to split with mom. And you know what? We saved a fortune, enjoyed our food more, and didn’t leave feeling overstuffed and rotten.

Sami enjoyed seeing all the animals, although I was disappointed there were no rabbits there. Just cows, pigs, sheep, and goats. But Sami had a good time touching fuzzy sheep and grabbing for goat horns. And I SO need a Nigerian dwarf dairy goat. Cutest things ever.

Ern wanted to take Sami on a few rides. She’s too little to do much, and nothing by herself yet. He started with the big slide.


I was proud of Ern. A month ago he couldn’t even pick Sami up. Now he carried her up all those steps, slid back down, and was still in good shape. After they did the slide, we took Sami on the ferris wheel. You can see it in the background of the above photo. Ern and I both rode with Sami in the middle. I think of ferris wheels as crawling around at a snail’s pace. This one zipped around pretty good, and though I’m ashamed to admit it as a sign I’m getting old my stomach did roll a bit as it crested and dropped. It was fun though and Sami liked looking around at all the lights.

I tools video of Sami on the slide. I tried once to post it and my wordpress app froze. I’ll go ahead and upload this then try to edit and add the video.

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