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The Ceiling Fans

by @ 5:28 pm on August 4, 2006.

Emily had been after Katie and me to replace the ceiling fan in the kitchen. The old one would no longer run, although the light still worked. Yesterday, Katie and I decided to do the project. Emily has a perm at the beauty parlor, so she let us go to Lowes and pick out a replacement ceiling fan. This Katie and I were willing to do.

At Lowes, Katie picked out a traditional looking ceiling fan. However, I put pressure on her to consider something more “modern”. With my magnetic personality, and superhuman powers of persuasion, I talked her into letting me get a fan with halogen spotlights for the lighting fixture. It was this one:


We brought it home and showed it to Emily. Again, with my magnetic personality, and superhuman powers of persuasion, I got Emily to agree that it was an OK replacement. Once I had complete clearance, Katie and I proceeded to spend the afternoon installing the fan. While we did this, Emily took a nap. When we were finished, we threw the breaker to give it electricity, and turned it on. Katie was immediately blinded by a halogen spotlight. So she began to point the spotlights in every conceivable direction and see if that helped.

The most interesting direction was when she pointed the lights toward the ceiling. Because the fan blades were spinning, these powerful halogen lights gave a strobe-like effect. The kitchen would pulse from lighter to darker. How cool was that?

Apparently not cool enough. Katie sank into a chair and said, “This will never work.” While I knew she was right, I held out hope that Emily would wake up and say it was OK. Maybe we could put horse blinders on Katie or something. So we waited for Emily to awaken.

She did, and quickly came to the same conclusion as Katie. In my desperation, I suggested moving it out our bedroom or the office. This time Katie and Emily weren’t buying. They summoned the will to defeat my magnet personality and superhuman powers of persuasion. Together they were able to do it. Had they been alone, I think I still could have won…….

So Katie and I disassembled the fan, put it back in the box, and returned it to Lowes. This time we took Emily along to pick out a fan. Emily and Katie picked one out and put it in the shopping cart. Then they asked my opinion. It was TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE to me because it had only one light bulb just like our old one. I wanted the kitchen to be brighter. So I pouted. That worked very well, and we started the hunt for another fan. Using my magnetic personality and superhuman powers of persuasion, coupled with the aforementioned pouting episode, I talked the girls into this one.


It held 1 100-watt halogen bulb, but it was the brightest ceiling fan in the store. Its blades were plastic and very short. It looked a lot like an airplane propeller. While it was very goofy, it served my function. That I could talk the women into this demonstrates that I have persuasive powers far beyond those of mortal man. Fortunately for me, before we checked out I told the women we needed to make sure that Lowes sold replacement halogen light bulbs for this thing. After all 100 watts is pretty powerful. So we went to the light bulb section and could not find one. Katie and Emily suggested I hunt down an employee and ask them if they carried the bulbs. This I proceeded to do. Alas, we were told that while Lowes did not carry the bulb, there should be an order sheet inside the box that would allow us to get them directly from the manufacturer. I was appalled. This one went back on the shelf immediately.

Perhaps the third time is a charm, because we then came up with this one.


It is a two-bulb fan – just like I wanted. Instead of installing the blades with this color, we used the white side so it would work with our white kitchen ceiling. I really like it because the kitchen is now much brighter due to the second bulb. Emily likes the quiet sound. Our old one would hum while it spun. Katie and I never noticed, but Emily did. This one is extremely quiet. You have to look at it to know the blades are moving. Katie just wanted the job to be done. It is. So it seems to work for everyone.

Katie and I are getting quite good at installing these fans. I am thinking of getting one for our bedroom. The breezes are really nice.

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