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My One True Love

by @ 5:50 pm on August 4, 2006.


I can recognize her from any distance. Of course it helps if she is absolutely alone on a deserted beach. But even if she weren’t I can pick her out. I could even do it if I were deaf, dumb, and blind. I can sense her life force. We are one.


Emily never liked this picture because she says it makes her look bad. I love this picture because she is letting herself have fun. She is just writing in the sand without worrying what others might think. She is being the real person I get to see all the time. She is my life.


And of course, I get the outer beauty too. I am nothing without her. When that smile is directed at me, I wilt. I am hers forever. She is my one true love. Furthermore, having lived with her for many years since these pictures were taken, I have found that I love her even more with every passing day.

Source: Bob Cook

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