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Rabbit Stalking

by @ 10:42 am on August 13, 2006.


Poor Rocky …. On our River Walks, there are tons of rabbits. At first, Rocky would chase them for all he was worth. The rabbits would simply jump to the tall weeds along the side of the gravel road, and Rocky would go right in after them.

It didn’t take very long for Rocky to realize that following them into the brush was useless. So he would just run at them and when they ran into the brush he would quit following.

Now Rocky has figured out that running after them is useless as well. So he “stalks” them very, very slowly. While they still run into the brush, he can often get pretty close before they scoot off. At least he gets to see them longer this way. Maybe one day he will actually catch one …… not!

Source: Bob Cook

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