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The Mon’s Breakfast ……

by @ 1:52 pm on September 4, 2006.


The year was 1975. The place was Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada.  The people were my best love and my two brothers. The monumental event was “The Mon’s Breakfast”.

While we normally counted on Emily for breakfast, we decided to give her a break and go to a restaurant. It was a small, Mom & Pop restaurant with a local flavor. The menu had names for breakfast combinations, and one of the choices was “The Man’s Breakfast”. It was quite a spread with a couple of fried eggs, toast, hash browns, choice of meats, and a short stack of pancakes.

Jim, in spite of being the youngest by far, ordered the Man’s Breakfast. The waitress, in astonishment that a mere boy would order such a large quantity of food, blurted out, “You want the Mon’s (sic) Breakfast????” George and I, in particular, got a huge kick out of that, in part, because of the Canadian dialect substituting “Mon’s” for “Man’s” and, of course, because she was dissing Jim in the process.

For some 31 years (and counting) after that, Emily and I have always called a huge breakfast, “The Mon’s Breakfast”.

Rice Lake

This picture shows Jim working up an appetite for “The Mon’s Breakfast” under the watchful eye of George, on Rice Lake, somewhere off the camp site shoreline.

Source: Bob Cook

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