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Fore Cart Training …..

by @ 7:04 pm on September 6, 2006.


Grand Master Equestrian Katie purchased a Fore Cart, and is in the process of training her horses to pull it. Eventually, they will pull it together as a team. But first, they have to get very comfortable pulling it alone. Also they need to learn to respond very well to the commands. In this picture, Grand Master Equestrian Katie is walking behind the horse and cart as a safety measure while getting Dakota used to pulling the cart.


In this picture, Grand Master Equestrian Katie had “climbed aboard” and is driving Dakota. He did outstanding once Grand Master Equestrian Katie got him used to pulling. Grand Master Equestrian Katie has tremendous patience with her training. And she is firmly in command of her horses. They know who is boss.


The next step was for Grand Master Equestrian Katie to give Emily a driving lesson. Grand Master Equestrian Katie had even more patience with her mother than she did with Dakota.


Finally, Grand Master Equestrian Katie gave Caleb a lesson. Here he is doing the “Gee” (right turn) maneuver. Caleb has more experience pulling that Dakota. For him, it is more a matter of getting used to pulling this new cart, rather than learning new commands.

Grand Master Equestrian Katie, Emily, and I all had a great day.

Source: Bob Cook

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