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The Olive ……

by @ 11:46 am on September 10, 2006.



I have owned a number of cars in my lifetime, but there is one that remains my all-time favorite vehicle. It was my first car, and I called her Olive.

She remains very special to me, and I wish that I had never sold her. Olive came into my life as a gift from my mother. That made her all the more meaningful to me. Mom and I went looking for a car. I fell for this used beetle, and she bought it for me. That was a selfless act, typical of her love for her children.

Olive was bear-bones. She had a heater and radio, but her air conditioning was to roll down the windows. She was a stick shift, of course, with that rear, air-cooled engine. Olive’s top speed was about 75 if you had the petal to the metal, and were going downhill.

Olive and I taught George how to drive a stick shift. He would really pop the clutch and the transmission would bang while he was learning, but Olive took it in stride and never complained. When we were alone, she confided in me that George was kind of rough, and she liked me best.

Olive took me and a buddy safely all the way to California and back. She wore out her tires in the Herculean effort, but never gave me a lick of engine difficulty.

Olive was my babe magnet – and you can see the babe she attracted for me. Emily already knew how to drive a stick shift when I met her, and so she and Olive made friends straight away.

I miss Olive, and sometimes think that I should get another Beetle in her memory. Maybe someday when I get rich …….


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