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Stupid Spam

by @ 5:53 pm on July 2, 2007.

Since I’ve installed it, Akismet has caught 47,216 spam. Since it automatically deletes said spam after a while, and was generally of no thought to me, I never worried much about spam. The very occasional one or two messages that slipped through never bothered me. But lately I awake every morning to find 15-20 various spam comments that have slipped through, and are waiting in my email (in the spam folder no less!) for me to delete. I kept hoping Akismet would get the hint as I marked comment after comment as spam, but this has been going on for several months now, and I’ve had it. While I’ve appreciated the occasional comment that has shown up on my blog, the headache of dealing with the spam is not worth the trade off. Anyone I would actually like to hear from knows how to get in touch with me by email. And for anyone else who needs to contact me, my information is readily available. So to that end, comments on all posts have been closed.

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