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Waynesburg College Flowers

by @ 5:18 pm on June 16, 2007.

The duck herding demonstration at the Sheep and Fiber Festival was set up on the campus as Waynesburg College, in a nice little park area. While I was waiting for the demonstration to start, I took some pictures of some blossoms out on a tree, and of some irises growing around a rather skanky looking little pond. I really like this first photo. I think it’s a nice contract with the bright green in the foreground, and then the darker shades in the background.




Another photo of the same tree (I have no idea what kind of tree it is):



And two photos of the iris around the little pond (which would have been nice if the water level hadn’t been low, making it kinda muddy and smelly):





I’ve long thought that my camera tends to give photos a bit of a yellowish tinge. The two photos above are exactly the way they came out of the camera – just resized. And I like them – I think the rather warm background colors compliment the yellow of the iris. Here’s the second photo with color correction applied:


Pretty amazing difference, isn’t it? At first I liked the photo a lot better without the color correct, but the more I stare at it with the correction, the more I like it. I just thought the difference was interesting.

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