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Spring Has Arrived

by @ 10:19 am on May 3, 2007.

Okay, spring arrived some time ago, but ah, well. I’m behind in everything lately, so it’s no surprise I’m behind in getting my first flower photos of the season, either. Truthfully, there really aren’t many flowers out yet to get pictures of. But that should change before long. We (the parental units and I) made the trek up to Miller’s Greenhouses (wow – I checked and they have a web page!) yesterday, and purchased a heap-load of flowers to put in hanging baskets and elsewhere around the yard. So as those start to grow in, I’ll have plenty of new flower subjects for photos.


I did take the time a few weeks ago to update my photo album. This included refining the organization of all my categories, and adding some new photos I’d been sitting on, but never got uploaded. I still have somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 photos to sort through, but I made a good bit of progress. Of course, only a fraction of those 2000 photos will be worth actually uploading, but it still takes time to sort through them all. Still, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far. As always, my main photo albums are in the list of links to the right, and can be accesses here.


So without further delay, here’re a couple shots I took two days ago while out in the yard. As I said, my subjects were limited, but the apple trees are in bloom at the moment, as is some other bush at the side of the house (I have no idea what it is). I don’t like the second shot as well as the first, but I do find the play of sunlight interesting.






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