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Piggie Pictures

by @ 2:13 pm on February 17, 2007.

I was a bit picture happy today, so I have a number to post. First are some new pictures of the pigs. There have been some changes in the piggie’s lives of late. Just after Christmas poor Pig 3 developed a pretty nasty bladder infection, she had a bald spot on her bum from mites, and a bald, cracked, and bloody place in front of her left ear from ringworm (for those not in the know, ringworm is not actually a worm, it’s a fungal skin infection). Now, one would think I’m the worst piggy mom ever. But in my defense, Pig 3 had long hair that, until I closely inspected, pretty well covered the bald patches (meaning the long hair above fell over and thus covered the bald patch). Pig 3 went into quarantine in a rigged up 2 x 3 C&C cage. She was on antibiotics for a week, and suffered a month of having anti-fungal cream smeared on the ringworm spot twice a day. All three pigs were also treated for mites. Although nothing was visibly wrong with Pigs 1 & 2, I figured the precaution wouldn’t hurt. Anyway, during this time I decided the cage I had just wasn’t big enough for the 3 pigs. I had trouble introducing them the first time, and I was worried about having to do it again. So I rearranged my room, shoved some things around, gave up just about every bit of floor space that I had, and managed to set up a 3 x 5 cage for them. This just about doubles their floor space. They no longer have any sort of 2nd level (reaching into the cage to clean it would become downright impossible if blocked by a 2nd level), but I think the trade was worth it.



Originally I’d left the top open, hoping the cats were old enough to just leave the pigs alone. The oldest three did, but dang Jack just couldn’t stop herself from trying to play with the pigs. So I had to rig up a lid using wire shelving. It’s working out okay. Life was of course easier without the lid (if you discount all the time I had to spend yelling at Jack to get out of the pig cage), but this is a compromise I can live with. Just a week after I moved the pigs into their new home and put them all back together, Pig 3’s bladder infection reared back up. So we trekked back to the vet, who put her on the antibiotics for 2 weeks this time. We’re just finishing up week 1, and she seems to be doing better. I’m just crossing my fingers this doesn’t turn out to be a chronic problem. I went ahead and snapped a few other pictures of the piggies this morning, and my favorites are below.












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