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King’s Quest

by @ 2:06 pm on August 28, 2011.

A million years ago when I was just a tiny thing and color computer monitors were still a big deal, dad brought home the game King’s Quest. I LOVED that game. I played it for hours, over and over. I kept playing it periodically until it finally wouldn’t install on the computer anymore. Even now I can remember a lot of the tasks and visualize most of the map. We had a hand drawn map that showed the entire game. I can’t remember if dad got it from someone or we made it ourselves. If it was “we” than it had to be mom – I don’t think anyone else’s drawing skills would have been that good. We even did a write up on a walk through of how to win the game. And by “we” I mean dad, who then put my brother’s and my names on it. I have vague memories of playing II and III as they came out, but can’t really remember much. IV was my next great love. You got to play as a girl, and you got to ride a unicorn. What could be better? I really don’t remember anything about V and VI, but I had a ball with VII and played it several times, again becoming sad when it would no longer install.

I haven’t thought about those games in years. I have no idea why, but it popped into my head this morning to wonder if they ever got them working on the latest Windows. Lo and behold, Amazon comes through: The Kings Quest Collection. Games I-VII that run on Windows XP. I couldn’t help myself. I have NO time to play video games. Heck, I barely have time to keep up with writing the bills. But really, I just couldn’t resist. And at least these games even if I only get to sneak in a few minutes here and there it’s OK. It sucks they don’t have a Mac version, as that’s my main computer, but I still have a laptop that runs Windows. I think it actually runs Vista, but one of the reviews said the game works in Windows 7. I’m out of the loop, but I believe that is what came after Vista, so I figure I should be good to go if it works on the versions on either side.

So I’m excited. In some magical world, someday, somehow, I might get 15 or 20 minutes a month (or six) to chill out and relive my youth. 😛

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