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Sami’s First Fair

by @ 5:07 pm on August 19, 2011.

Once again I started this one and didn’t get it posted. The fair was the end of July.

Fair season is starting up. Friday night we took Sami out to the Triune-Halleck fire hall. They have a small fair to benefit the VFD every year. It’s nothing too big or exciting, but it’s still fun to go. We didn’t actually get to stay too long before it started to thunderstorm and we called it a night and came home, but Sami seemed to like seeing all the people around. They had what they called a pepperoni roll but it was more like a hoagie with hotdog mild chili sauce. It was actually really good and I was surprised but Sami snarfed a good bit of it.

Sami also went on her first ride there. They have a small ferris wheel. I couldn’t quite fit in there with her but Ern could. Poor Sami cried most of the time. It wasn’t the ride that got her I don’t think, it was that she was away from me. She’s still in that phase where she doesn’t like to be out of my arms at night. Next year I think she’ll really have fun with it.


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