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Crazy Rodent Lady

by @ 2:27 pm on September 15, 2006.

So I was chatting with a friend the other day, and he was ragging on me for the total number of rodents I have (this was just after I bought Braylon and Kamerion). I jokingly said I was trying to become known as the Crazy Rodent Lady, and Mike, obliging smart-ass that he is, has done his best to get the message out by giving me a mention in his blog. And it seems I’ve now gone one step further to prove myself worthy of the title. Remember the little white dwarf hamster that originally caught my attention when I got Braylon and Kamerion? Well, it was 2 weeks ago when I first saw her. Last week when I was in PetCo again for a second hamster wheel for Bray and Kam, she was still there. I kept thinking about the poor little thing, and while I was out running errands this morning I ended up dropping by PetCo and bringing her home. The first thing the girl I talked to said when I told her I wanted to adopt the little white dwarf hamster was “she bites”. The girl had told me that before (which was the main reason I ended up with Bray and Kam instead of this girl to begin with), and while you may well be wondering why on earth I’d want a hamster that bites, well, I’m just a sucker for hard luck little critters. Who else out there would give a good home to a poor little biting hamster? And so Troy has joined the family. She was named for Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers – after Sunday’s disaster against the Saints, I can’t say the Brown’s have a single player worthy of having a hamster named after him. These aren’t the greatest pictures since I just snapped them off quick to have something to post – I’ll come up with some better ones later.








Troy is now living in the 10 gallon aquarium that was once home to Bray & Kam. Cranky and old as she is, I doubt she’d get along with my other two if I tried to put her in with them, and since she’ll be living alone, it should be plenty big enough to keep her happy. Especially if I can figure how to rig up a shelf in there for her to climb on (I’m still working on that). She didn’t try to bite when I picked her up out of the PetCo box and moved her into her new home, although she did have a go at me when I was trying to scoot her out the way to put her new house in (I’d had to make a separate run over to WalMart to pick up a house for her like Bray and Kam’s). She didn’t break skin, and it really didn’t hurt much. It didn’t seem to be a mean bite, more of a fearful one. So I don’t think she’s a mean hamster at all, just one that had a rough start in life, who was probably poked at by every ill-mannered, snot-nosed little brat who ever wandered into PetCo. Faced with that, I’d bite too.


Meanwhile, Bray & Kam have moved into a new home:






After watching them both try to run on a wheel at the same time, I realized they really did each need their own wheel. While I could fit a second wheel in the aquarium, it left little room for anything else beyond their one house and food/water dishes – certainly no other toys or explore room. I found an article on petwebsite.com that gave directions for turning plastic tote bins into hamster cages. My first effort, using a tote purchased from Lowes was an utter flop, as the top basically shattered when I tried to cut through it. My second effort, with a sterilite bin from Target, went much better. So for anyone planning to try this, make sure to get a bin with a lid of soft plastic easy to cut through. Bray and Kam now have plenty of room to run around and explore their new cage. I can no longer shut my bedroom door since the cage sticks out too far, but then, I never did anyway (it ticks off the cats to have closed doors). So all in all, I’m happy, they’re happy, it’s all good. And I’ve become the crazy rodent lady.

2 Responses to “Crazy Rodent Lady”

  1. Mike Bond Says:

    Have you done a search for “Crazy Rodent Lady” in google recently … my blog entry is near the top … soon you’re will be as well!


  2. Mel Says:

    Crazy rodent lady! Neener neener neener! It’s the Crazy Rodent Lady! Not that I can say much . . . A couple of years ago, Preston thought it was a good idea to get a couple of rats . . . and a mouse. So we went to PetCo ourselves and got Hood Rat, Noodles, and Darwin, the Mouse. Darwin the Mouse could squeeze between the bars of his first cage, and did so on the truck ride home (truck with no front shocks incidentally . . . UGH). It was an exciting several minutes as he scurried around inside my shirtsleeve (which he had used in his escape) but we do eventually make it home. Long story short, Darwin needed a friend too so we get another, a white mouse named Al. Al turned out to be an “Alice” and soon we had 9 brand new mice. Thank god I sexed them all right . . . So may I pass the torch to the new “Crazy Rodent Lady”!!

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