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Too Much Excitement!

by @ 3:28 pm on July 19, 2011.

The other night Ern and I are in the house about ready for bed. Bryna had been barking for a while which isn’t like her. I finally looked outside to check. I could see Bryna and she clearly had something cornered beside the house. The barn cats are constantly coming into the mud room after food and Bryna has been at war lately with Chester. I figure that’s who she has cornered so I go out and look around the corner. Not Chester – Bryna has a raccoon. I’m exhausted and not thinking clearly. I holler at Ern then call Bryna off. The coon takes the opportunity to make a break from Bryna and ends up heading into the mud room coming directly at me. About that time Ern sees the coon, thinks it’s not waking right, and starts screaming at me it’s rabid and to get back in the house RIGHT NOW. The coon hides in the corner of the mud room while Ern gets dad’s shotgun. It didn’t take him long to rethink that one, and he trades for his .22 pistol. One shot took it out, and we bagged and boxed the body.

Bryna is fine but Ruger hasn’t had her rabies short yet. I took the coon to the county health department to see about getting it tested for rabies. Unfortunately Ern is a good shot and there was nothing left of the brain to test. Ern was just wobbly at the time from being sick and was afraid that if he didn’t go for a clean kill shot he’d just piss off the coon enough to make a run at him and into the house. I looked Ruger over and didn’t see a scratch on her. The guy at the health department said that he wasn’t particularly worried but even in the worst case an infected animal isn’t contagious until the disease gets to the brain and at that time you would notice behavioral changes. So he said just to keep an eye on Ruger but he expects she will be fine. That’s good news. But definitely too much excitement for me in one night!

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