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Hound Dog

by @ 10:27 pm on July 18, 2011.

Bryna is not a kid’s dog. She’s a fantastic working dog, and she’s a serious cuddle bug with Ern or I. But when it comes to kids, if they can’t throw a stick she wants them to leave her alone. So I’d been bugging Ern about getting a dog Sami could hug on and grow up with. We’d settled on a lab and while Ern wanted to wait till next spring, I of course immediately started stalking craigslist, petfinder, and any local newspaper classifieds I could find. I called and emailed about a few ads but nothing worked out. Then up came an ad on craigslist for some bloodhound x great dane puppies. Seriously. The ad contained pictures and the pups were so cute I sent the link to mom for amusement value. In the few minutes it took her to get the text and try to view the ad it had been flagged. But as luck would have it, I still had the ad up in my browser and it contained a phone number. I’d just bought Ern a Farmall H for his birthday (which is a story for another post) so he was in a pretty good mood. He caved pretty easily and I got myself a hound dog. It worked out well. She’s the sweetest thing and just loved when the neighbor and her sister brought their kids up to visit (5 kids in all).




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