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Hippity Hoppity

by @ 6:49 pm on July 18, 2011.

It’s been so long I forgot I ever blogged about ordering up my rabbits. Well, the breeder finally had a trio for me born the first of April, and I picked them up at 6 weeks old in the middle of May. They’re quite docile and while not completely friendly as I really haven’t messed with them much, they’re hardly wild either.

Plans on setup changed again. Right now my does are sharing a 300 gallon watering tub, and poor Mr. Buck Bunny is growing up all alone in a slightly smaller tub. We decided to put the calf pens in the back of the barn, but only got two if the four finished before Ern got sick. So right now there is still a temporary calf pen where I plan to put my colony. The colony will end up a bit smaller. I bought a dog kennel from the neighbors, and my hope is to stretch it out, use two barn walls as colony walls and end up with a pen about 16 x 6. With that space, I may be able to expand to 3 does. I’ll have to see. But I won’t know for sure my final colony size until I get the rest of the calf barn finished.

Here’s a pic of my bunnies when I first got them home.


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