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Tomato Blight

by @ 6:44 pm on April 6, 2011.

The other day Ern asked me to research tomato blight. Our tomatoes have been hit with it the last several years. We’ve tried the odd “so and so said this works” things but never tried looking for the latest research to see what might actually work. What I found makes me hopeful we might be able to beat the blight this summer.

Ern had always heard blight was airborne so figured there wasn’t much point trying to fight it. Turns out late blight is airborne but early blight, which is what hits us, is actually soil borne. And Ern’s family has done everything wrong except keep the plants tied up. The goal is to keep the soil off the plants. Mulch is a big one. They always did mulch, but after they had tilled several times. Seed is kept over from infected plants and plants are not removed once they start to blight. So I’m really hopeful that if we mulch right away, start with mostly new plants (we keep a few heirloom varieties where we’re stuck with what we’ve kept by way of seed), and remove any plants that blight we might end up with nice plants through fall. We plan to try anyway.

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