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Not A Great Day

by @ 10:33 pm on March 13, 2011.

What a day. Didn’t start out too bad. We got done milking early, actually had time for a nice breakfast, and went to church. All was well till we went out to feed the beef cows. Found one bloated and dead. Not too surprised there – she was old and had been going down hill all winter. One of our very nice heifers was working on having her calf. She looked like she was having some trouble, so Ern actually managed to get a halter on her. The calf was stuck, and his head had swelled all up. We managed to pull him, but the heifer tore pretty badly and then her uterus prolapsed. In cattle, you can get a vet out who shoves it back in, sews them up, and sends you a bill for $300. That’s more than it’s worth putting into this heifer, so Ern does his best and does manage to get it back in. Woohoo! But then the stupid hussy proceeds to push it back out. Several times. Once while Ern went to fetch a tractor so I was left trying to sove it back in. You know, for a long time I thought I wanted to be a vet. Now I’m glad I didn’t. There is a smell that comes from handling a cow uterus that just won’t go away no matter how many times you wash your hands. In the end, Ern used the tractor to drag her into the loading pen. She’s still there, and after some debate we decided to have her butchered tomorrow. I had a nice steer I was raising, but we’ll just sell him and eat this one. She ought to make pretty good meat, and that nice steer of mine is with more than she is at the moment. Anyway, she had a pretty bull calf whose head was swelled up like a balloon. Surprisingly he is still alive but I’ll be floored if he makes the night. And then, in a shocker of an event, someone stole a day old dairy heifer right out of the field. :-0 it was born yesterday morning and we left it in the field overnight. Didn’t see it this morning but wasn’t too worried till we saw the cow looking for her tonight. That field has good fence so she wouldn’t have escaped, and wouldn’t have left the cow in any case. And there was no body so nothing got her. She was born and staying right next to the dirt road so we figure someone must have taken her. So all in all not a great day at all. But I suppose it could always be worse, and tomorrow is bound to be better.

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