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And Now It’s March…

by @ 4:14 pm on March 13, 2011.

So much for posting more. But hey, at least it’s only been 3 months instead of 6. That’s progress, right?

Spring is slowly (very slowly!) starting to arrive. The beef calves are coming, there is a new surge of dairy calves, and my word! A little baby fly just landed on my coat. It seems like it’s been a really long winter, although on the whole I can’t say it’s been a bad one. For all that we had to buy over 200 round bales this year, the beef cows limped along most of the winter on a bale every other day. Having to buy all this hay yet again has pushed us to make the call to go back to corn silage. To that end, we’ve bled some savings updating equipment and will bleed a bit more to get the silo fixed and corn planted and fertilized. This ought to be the hail Mary for the dairy. Either it leap frogs us into pretty good financial shape or it runs us out of business right good.

On a fun note, I picked up some new chicks from TSC. I got two straight run banties and 4 pullets. I’m crossing my fingers for a hen and a rooster on the banties. I think I’m going to try letting them run loose around the house and figure there is enough cover to protect them from hawks. If they make it maybe I’ll end up with some nice hatched banties eventually. 🙂

Once the nice weather comes we have a ton to do. We plan to redo our heifer and calf barns, lots of manure to get out, fields to plow, fence to repair, it makes me tired just thinking about it! But I’m excited, too, at the idea of finally getting things one step closer to being under control. So come on warm weather, I’m ready to go!

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