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The Kats’ New Toys

by @ 10:07 am on September 2, 2006.

Yesterday we were out running errands, and we ended up at PetCo to get more cat litter. I of course always wander through the little critters section, and in a cage for adoption they had a little white dwarf hamster. She was *so* cute, and of course I immediately wanted one. We got the litter, then left to hit the grocery store, and mom realized she’d forgotten to look for a new bottle of sunk smell remover (we’d used the last of what he had on simple Conor who’d gotten sprayed the night before). I figured it was fate. So when we went back, we talked to a girl about the one for adoption, and about hamsters in general. She said the white for adoption was a little older, and wasn’t very nice (at least she was honest about it!). She told us a little about hamsters, and I decided to go home and research a little as I thought about it. See? I was strong. I showed restraint. I lasted about 2 whole hours.


While mom napped, dad and I headed back out. Due to traffic, we wound our way around town to check out WalMart. I’d read keeping hamsters in a plastic tub can be a good option (modified for ventilation), as they’re cheap and you can get a big one. I wasn’t sure about that, since my whole enjoyment is watching my critters, and I wasn’t sure how well you could see them through plastic. Most of it is frosted rather than clear. WalMart didn’t have anything I liked, but I did pick up a house and some chew sticks while there. Then we wrapped around to Target to check out plastic tubs there, and I again didn’t see anything I was happy with. I had an old 10 gallon aquarium tank, and my main concern was that would be too small. But I decided to run with it for now, and I bought a screen to cover the top while at PetCo, along with a nice wheel, food, and my two new little babies. I ended up not getting the one for adoption, but two that they said had just arrived that day. I’d read that dwarf hamsters can be kept in pairs, but you’re best bet of them getting along as adults is to get young ones from the same litter. I don’t know if mine are siblings for sure, but I’d guess they are. They were active the first time we looked at them in PetCo, but were sleeping huddled up together the second time we went. I figure that’s a good sign they’ll get along. Worst case I can separate them when they’re grown, but hopefully they’ll stay friends. Anyway, meet Kamerion and Braylon:



Yes, they were names for the Cleveland Brown’s players Braylon Edwards and Kamerion Wimbley. Dad and I have hope these are two players who will not only be on the team for a while, but who will also be great players. Aren’t they just the cutest things ever? And they’re so tiny – they can’t be much more than an inch long right now, and they weigh absolutely nothing. The only catch is that I can’t yet tell the two apart. I’m still working on figuring it out, but no luck just yet. I just love this picture of one of the looking out of their little house:



And finally, to mention the cats are just fascinated by this new toy I’ve brought them. All three cats last night would jump on my bed to watch, then jump to the ground and stand up on their hind legs to poke at the cage, then back to the bed for a better view. Kreature finally figured out he could fit on the table behind the cage to watch:



The hammys just love their wheel, and they climb right up in there and just run for all their worth – it’s really amusing to watch. And the nice part is they’re not at all skittish when I reach into the cage. I can pick them up no problem at all. I spent more time reading last night, and I found that hamsters do often really like those balls you stick them in to run around the house, and I found the name of a good food, one that contains all kinds of seeds and such. I’d read that GP’s do best with plain pellets, so avoided a mix when picking out an initial hammy food (and what I ended up with is what they were used to eating at PetCo, anyway). But for hammys, I’ve read a mix is actually good. So I may try to get out today (gotta avoid football traffic, though), and pick that up for them. I’m still reading about other things good for them to eat (various veggies and things), but I’m learning. The other thing I’m not on the lookout for is a used aquarium that’s a little bigger. I like that I can see through the glass so well, and for that reason I don’t think I’d be as happy with a plastic tub. While this is certainly fine for now, I’d like to have more room to hang toys and such in the cage. This tank is roughly 10×20”, and the table I have them on can hold up to about a 20”x30”, so I do have some room to expand if I find the right tank.

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