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Williamsburg: Day 4

by @ 7:37 pm on August 9, 2006.

On Day 4 (Friday) we went to Busch Gardens. It certainly was a pretty place. Mom enjoyed going to all the shows, and I drug dad on all the roller coasters. It wasn’t too crowded given that it was early May. The first two coasters (which we went on right when the park opened) we didn’t have any line for. The last two there was a bit of a line, but not too terribly bad compared to what it could have been. The first show we went to was Pet Shenanigans. It was a really cute pet tricks show, and probably my favorite show of the day. The Shenanigans show was under a pavilion, so I couldn’t quite get my camera settings right to get great pictures. I do have a few pictures in my album here, but I’m not going to bother to post them on the blog.


The second show we went to was something about a Wolf Encounter (that’s probably not the real name of that one, but I can’t remember what it actually was).  Unfortunately the wolves were in major shed mode (as can be seen in the second picture), so they looked more scruffy than noble (I always like them best in their full, fluffy winter coats). But it was still fun.




Across the day we saw some other shows (the Irish Dance show being a second favorite), and they were all good. Mom took some fun pictures of one of the rides we went on, Escape from Pompeii. In the sequence below, dad and I (there in the front row, dad’s call) head down the main ramp. In the 3rd picture, we’re there all right, somewhere behind the giant wall of water.






They had a bird enclosure, and I got some really neat pictures of different birds. I’ll only post my favorite here, but the rest (seen in the album linked above), are definitely worth a look.



And finally, a picture of the train that runs around the park. We rode out the entire loop, just to take a train ride and have a relaxing break for a bit. The conductor is glaring at me for leaning out of the train car to snap the picture (in my defense, the train wasn’t moving at the time).



We spent the entire day at Busch Gardens, and were completely tuckered out by the time we headed back to the hotel. This day at Busch Gardens was definitely my favorite day of the trip, and I’d recommend anyone in the Williamsburg area on vacation make it a priority to go there.

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