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March of the Butterflies

by @ 7:10 am on August 14, 2005.

Took another stab at butterfly photos, this time setting the shutter speed manually to 1/250. I think this definitely made a big difference, and is the way to go from here on out. Not to toot my own horn (well, okay, but only just a little bit), but I caught an AWESOME photo. I’m referring to the first photo below, the one that probably caught your eye as soon as you loaded the page. This is the kind you see in an art gallery somewhere! I’m really excited about this photo – the way the background is blurred, and only the butterfly in the front is in focus. I really wish I could take the credit for doing this on purpose, but I must confess it just sorta happened. Now if I could just learn to do this on command!


This second photo shows the same type of effect, with the butterfly and single branch sharply in focus, and the rest blurred. I really like this one too, and it shows the orange/blue on the edge of the butterfly’s wings better. But I like the top photo better for the colors in the background.


And finally, compared to the first two, this one isn’t quite as exciting (or at least not to me). But it is a very nice, clearly focused shot of the butterfly.


As an aside, the first two photos weren’t photoshopped except to resize (no cropping involved), and a bit of cloning to remove a dust spot from the lower right hand corner. I don’t know why I’m so plagued with dust spots. It could be that I tote my camera outside to horse events and various dusty places, but really it seems more than that. I haven’t changed my lens since the last dust spot was cleaned, so I dunno what it is. I’m just lucky, I guess. So, with these new photos posted I’m off to face the odious task of cleaning my desk in hope of finding the instructions on cleaning my camera out. I know they’re around somewhere.

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