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The Piggy Palace

by @ 11:41 am on June 7, 2006.

For some time I’ve wanted to add a second level to my baby guinea girls’ cage, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to do it. With the cats, it needed to be fully enclosed, but it also needed to be easy to get to the pigs and to clean. The beginning of May, I had an epiphany, and the result is the Piggy Palace.


The basic design, as I’ve mentioned before, comes from Cavy Cages, which describes how to use easily found materials to make a very big cage yourself for around $30. The above cage cost around $45 (the shelving for the lids added to the cost). Still, an absolute bargain when you consider how much a pet store cage of even half this size would cost. The front shelf just sits on the cage, and lifts open for easy access (it doesn’t need lifted totally off, just leaned against the second level). On the top level, the grids are held together as one long unit with plastic ties, and then hinged to the top shelf (which is permanently attached with plastic ties) with more plastic ties. It swings completely open to rest on the top shelf when I need to reach in to clean that top level. The ramp is made out of bent grids, with a piece of coroplast to cover the holes, and then a towel on top for traction. It’s a bit steep, but the girls go up and down it constantly with no trouble. Here’s a picture of the cage opened up:


And finally, since I’m posting about my baby piggie girls, here’re a few closeups of them:




3 Responses to “The Piggy Palace”

  1. Mike Bond Says:

    May i suggest a small pair of wire snips to clip the extra wire-tie off?

    Also, wire might have been a better choice than plastic wire ties. Small rodents are known for their ability to eat through plastic.

    Nice setup though.

  2. Jennifer Stathakis Says:

    Do your cats give them a lot of “attention” ?

  3. Administrator Says:

    The cats found them infinitely entertaining at first, but apparently there’s something wholly unsatisfying about poking through the bars and the pigs not even bothering to run since they know they’re out of reach. So now the cats mostly ignore the pigs. 🙂

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