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Meat Chicken Update

by @ 5:14 pm on January 12, 2015.

This will be a short one, but will bring to a close the saga of the meat chicks. Once again I’m irritated at myself, as I never got any final pictures of the meaties before they went to the butcher. I took all those early pictures, but never got any of the final stage. Oh well. I can say I was very happy with the rangers. I got them the first week of April and we finally got them butchered the first of November – 7 months old. The roosters were old enough to be crowing and sparring a bit, but there was no major bloodshed. They really grew to a nice size. I thought my barred rock hens were big until they stood side by side with the rangers. I believe I ended up with 18 that went to the butcher – I started with 26 chicks. All in all I had very little feed in them. I think the method of free ranging them but keeping them longer really worked for us. I plan to do it again in the spring. I was very happy with the hatchery I ordered from, but I have a local friend who has kept a group of red rangers and hatches eggs from them, so I told her I’d buy chicks from her this spring. Hopefully in February. Getting them from her I can pick them up and get them earlier than I could have them shipped. My only complaint remained having so many chickens in the calf barn pooping on EVERYTHING. My plan remains this year to put them down in the pig house from day 1. I’m down to only 4 chickens in the calf barn, and if I don’t ever put food out in there next summer hopefully the rangers will stay put with the pigs!


Anyway, we canned all the chicken. They were just yellow with fat from all the corn they ate. The meat is delicious and it’s really nice to know exactly what went into the meat we’re eating.



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