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New Pigs

by @ 5:17 pm on January 12, 2015.

Big pig is now in jars in the pantry. He weighed in about 400 pounds live. He was just over a year old. I think he had more fat on him than the last pig. The last pig didn’t get enough protein – he just got fed corn and oats. This pig we used the hammer mill to grind a mix of corn, oats, and soybeans. Some photos of big pig…


When we first got him outside in the spring:



Tolerating Sami the Pig Rider:




Meeting Miriam:




Being lazy in his pig bed:


When the time came to get him to the butcher we hit a snag. We can’t get the trailer into the pig lot and we don’t have a cart low enough to load him into – or that he would fit in. He grew to be a big, LONG pig. Our hope was he’d follow a grain bucket up to the barn where we could load him. Nope. Pig knew where his world was and he was NOT leaving it. We tried and tried, even ganging up and trying to shove him out the door. When he finally got REALLY aggravated at us, he went and laid down in his bed and refused to get up. We gave up for the night and wracked our brains trying to figure out what to do with him. Finally Ernie got the idea to get him out the back door (which he was used to doing). We then took a hog panel tied in a circle and threw it over him, then used that to shove him up to the barn and onto the trailer. At least now we know the secret to loading a pig.


We already had our next pigs when that one went to the butcher. This time we went with two. Our thought was to sell the sausage from one to pay for the other. I don’t know what we’ll actually end up doing, but that was the plan. I’d originally reserved 2 barrows, but as it turned out the breeder only had 1 male in the litter. Friends of ours had asked for a male to raise up as a breeding boar. So we let them have the boar and went ahead and took 2 gilts. It’ll be interesting to see how these two turn out compared to the males we’ve raised. I don’t like pigs any more now than I ever have. But I am glad we got 2. I always did feel bad for the last ones we’ve gotten, being raised alone. It is nice to see these two have each other to snuggle up with.


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