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Eggs in the Incubator

by @ 2:20 pm on July 2, 2014.

I’m almost to the end of week 2 in the incubator, and am down to 7 eggs. I bought 12+. Apparently it’s common with hatching eggs to order 12, and then they throw in a few extras. I got 16. One cracked when I tried to get it out (must have been weak shelled or already cracked some). They arrived packed in sawdust.


As first I thought this was a pretty good idea, as it would certainly keep the eggs packed tight where they wouldn’t move. If the sawdust had been bone dry, it probably would have worked. But it wasn’t. And when you tightly pack damp sawdust it heats as it dries, and then it sweats. So the eggs all had damp sawdust stuck to them. That didn’t seem good, but the eggs were cheap, and they were here, so into the incubator they went.



Within 2 days one of the eggs started to ooze. Now I’m new to incubating eggs, but that didn’t seem like a good thing. I tossed the egg. By the next morning, I think 4 more seemed oozy. I started reading up on it, and oozy eggs are bad eggs. They are starting to grow bacteria inside, and the bacteria produces gas which equals pressure. That’s what causes the oozing. I believe these are properly referred to as weepy eggs. I went ahead and cracked this set open. 2 were cloudy, 1 was already like scrambled eggs inside (yuck!), but the fourth I think would have been a good egg. See the circle of veins toward the bottom of the yolk?


Oops. I admit I panicked a little. Apparently weepy eggs can explode if left to long. That can contaminate and ruin the other eggs, not to mention the mess in the incubator. One lady called them time bombs and said she takes a double bag, grabs up the egg and quickly seals it. I’m no longer quite so wary of them, and I learned by cracking that egg.

I lost a few more along the way and am down to 7 now. I’m no good at candeling, but most of them seem to be developing. This is the end of week 2. Halfway there! My goal was for at least 1 to hatch, and I’m still hopeful that will happen.

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