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Goodbye Toro

by @ 4:03 pm on June 16, 2014.

I’ve accepted it makes no sense to keep 2 riding horses for me when I barely have time to ride 1. For that matter, last time I took Toro out I kept saying I wished I’d taken Poki. Toro is a good boy. He’s sweet and safe. There’s nothing wrong with him. I just click better with Poki – I love his gait, I love that he’s small, and I love he’s more laid back than Toro. I tried leasing Toro, but the only taker I got was unable to keep up a steady lease with him. I had 2 people email wanting to set a date to come try him, but when both flaked it reminded me how messed up most people are. I was queasy anyway about the liability involved, and that just clinched it for me.

I texted Toro’s previous owner who was not in a position to take him back last time I thought about selling him. This time he was. I asked for $650, which is what Toro alone was originally priced at (remember we ended up with Toro and Mingo as a package for $750). He said he’d like Toro, but $500 is the best he could do right now. I agreed. The horse market it up right now and Toro is worth a lot more. But given what I paid for him, it seemed right to agree to the $500. They’ll be coming to get him Wednesday or Thursday evening. I’ll be sad to see him go, but this is for the best and I’m glad it worked out at a time when his previous owners could get him back.

For posterity, this is the ad I had ready to post for him.

Toro is an unregistered Tennessee walking horse gelding. He is 9 years old and stands 15.2hh with a solid build. He is a very sweet boy and has a puppy dog personality. He is easy to catch in the field – I’ve always been able to walk right up to him if he hasn’t come to me first. He has good feet and is currently barefoot. No health issues, no vices. Can be a little bossy in the herd at times, but nothing bad and overall gets along well with other horses.

Under saddle I would say he’d be fine for a confident beginner. He is not spooky at all, and is not generally a high energy horse. He’s usually happy to walk on a loose rein (although sometimes he needs a few minutes to settle first). If he hasn’t been ridden or is feeling his oats, he can get a little prance-y, which could be intimidating to a timid rider. I’ve never had him do anything stupid; ignore him and he calms down once you get going. He is responsive to leg pressure and moves forward easily. His does gait and when he is gaiting well it is very smooth and comfortable. I can’t get him to be 100% consistent with it – he will break to a trot at times. I am not knowledgeable about gaited horses, so he may be very consistent with someone who is. He rides out fine alone or in a group. He direct reins only, he does not neck rein. He knows to stand when being mounted, although will try to move off if you let him get away with it. He transitions easily to a canter. He has a big motion, but it’s pretty comfortable once you learn to go with it. He is not going to win you any races, but is safe and fun. His worst vice is he can get antsy when asked to stand while riding or being tied. Sometimes he’s fine and stands quietly, others he’ll toss his head, paw, and prance around a bit. Again, nothing excessively bad and certainly nothing I would call dangerous in any way.

Toro is priced at $1800 firm. He’s a good horse and I’m not in a hurry to sell. My only reason for selling is I recently found an icelandic gelding. I get on and off a lot when riding, and at 13.2h the icelandic is easier for me to do that. I can only ride one horse at a time and Toro is going to waste here.

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