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Typos Here, There, Everywhere

by @ 12:11 pm on June 15, 2014.


I want to make a quick statement. My posts have typos. Many of them. I do notice and yes, it drives me crazy. I did go to school and while English was my poorest subject, I still managed A’s in it. I type virtually all my posts on my phone, most often one handed (more specifically one fingered) while the other hand is holding a baby or otherwise multitasking. I’m lucky to get a post done. Some mistakes are mine, many are due to auto correct. I proof read quickly once and fix what I catch. The rest is what it is. I just want to say I’m not as ignorant or apathetic as my posts sometimes make me appear. The errors stem from working exclusively on an iPhone, extreme time constraints, and a brain totally fried by two toddlers and an infant. ?

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