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More Rabbits, New Plans!

by @ 1:38 pm on May 30, 2014.

So that plan I posted about yesterday? Already out the window. Hotel didn’t last long in the herd! After I posted that, I got an email from the lady who brought me the buck hooking me up with a friend of hers who had New Zealand / Californian crosses. I emailed her, and she had two does available, about 4 months old. As luck would have it, one was black. The other is some kind of brown with a black mask. I went and picked up both last night. The brown is unusual and very pretty. And it turns out I don’t have to breed for Sami’s black rabbit, I get to start with one right off the bat. The new does are by a red NZ buck and a Cali doe.

The Cali doe I currently have I think I’m going to cull. Three litters now and only 3 kits each. I don’t need record size litters, but 8-9 would be nice. Small litters on top of the inbreeding level, and I think it’s time for her to be dinner. That will bring me down to the 2 does that are about right for me and the size colony I’ll have.

My plan for Hotel and the other three cross kits are to let them go behind the calf barn. Rabbits raised on grass taste so much better. My life would be easiest if this would work. Let them raise themselves, and when they’re grown a little more trap and butcher them then. If I need to I’ll figure out some kind of tractor for grow outs. But I’d rather find out now with these crossbreed kits than with good meat kits. It worked before but I need to know if it will work again.

The neighbor said they’d take lion-lop buck. I’m giving him to them for free, and he’ll go be a pet. That will leave me 2 does and a buck in the colony, 4 free range grow outs, and nothing in cages. Once the does are old enough to breed I’ll pull the buck into his own cage and breed selectively so things don’t go crazy again.

Here is the brown doe I liked, Juliet:


Here is Sami’s doe, she named her Black because she’s black.


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