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New Laying Chicks

by @ 12:50 pm on May 29, 2014.

I’ve mentioned in other posts about the new laying breed chicks I ordered. They arrived on Wednesday, May 7. These came from Meyer hatchery. They did not include any extra, so I got the 25 I ordered. Right out if the box one of the faverolles looked iffy, and it died the next day. A week later one just died (I can’t recall now, but think it was a speckled Sussex). Three ended up with pasty butt. Two I saved, one I didn’t (lost another faverolle). Some pictures of the chicks when they first arrived:



Columbian Wyandotte:


Speckled Sussex




Gold Laced Wyandotte:


Salmon Faverolle:


I’d started the layer chicks in a tub in the calf barn, knowing they would quickly outgrow it. But I’d never gotten the meat chicks out of their coup, and I needed to buy some time. I took 3 chicks to the house for Sami to play with and help tame down for mom’s flock: a gold laced Wyandotte, a columbian Wyandotte, and a salmon faverolle. The gold laced is one that got pasty butt, so I brought another in the house just in case. She made it so I ended up with 4 in the house. The time came that the water tub was a mess and I had to shuffle chicks. The meaties went in a wire cage in the calf barn (and were let loose to free range shortly after that) and the layers moved to the nest box if the coup. This move is when I found the 2 more with pasty butt, both faverolles, lost 1 and think I saved the other. A few days after the move I went out and found this.


In the end I lost one older mutt chick and 8 of my layer chicks. The nest box is designed to come off for easy cleaning. It had been knocked loose once before, but I think Ruger did it accidentally. I braced it and had no more problems so thought it was ok. Whatever broke in this time worked hard to get in. Several bowls were knocked out and the feeder was knocked over. I bolted the nest box on. I’ll miss ease of cleaning with taking it off, but better that than losing more chicks.

After that things finally settled. The chicks are now 3 weeks old and all are looking good. I really enjoy having my critters, but I think I’ve burned myself out a little this year and I’ll be grateful when everything grows up and gets turned loose.



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