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The Rabbits Are Rolling Again!

by @ 9:36 pm on May 28, 2014.

It’s a rainy day so I’m finally catching up on all the blog posts I’ve been wanting to do!

As of my last update, I had 3 frozen kits and doe-bunny was bred again. Following my brilliant naming scheme, this doe is named Golf. On March 15, Golf again had 3 kits. All 3 were solid black.


The neighbor said he wanted some rabbits for his kids, and that he’d like to buy all 3. They weren’t old enough to go yet, so I said I’d hold them till Easter when they were 6 weeks old. With a sale for the 3 kits I had, I went ahead and rebred the doe.

March 28:



April 2:


Easter weekend came and went. Despite mentioning the rabbits to him, the neighbor never came up and got them. I needed to move the babies to a new cage space since Golf was due again any day. The only thing I could come up with was Sami’s plastic play house. It seemed like it would work, so I moved the kits. Sami picked out and claimed the one without a mane, which I said she could keep. Unfortunately, we went to the store that afternoon and when we got back all 3 kits were gone. I have no idea what happened. Ernie found one wedged against the wall, but there was never any sign of the other 2, not even bodies. Poor Sami was sad her rabbit was gone, and I felt so bad for her. I really thought the play house was going to work as a cage. Not knowing what else to do with her, I stuck the one we found in with the lion-lop buck. She’s too young to breed yet, so as a temporary solution it worked.

On May 9, Golf once again had 3 kits, and once again all black. I’m not good at judging these things in kits this young, but at this point I think all 3 are bucks. 2 of 3 have manes.

Having searched for months for a new meat buck I had pretty much given up on finding one nearby. I knew taking care of so many cages was getting old, and I missed my colony. I had just that morning decided to give up on the rabbits for now, let Sami pick one to keep as a house bunny, and maybe get back into it in a year or 2 when the kids were older to help and I had money to build a nice colony somewhere. No more than an hour after I settled on that decision, up pops an ad for Californians in Fairmont. How could that not be a sign? It turns out they were being sold by the very nice lady that bought some rabbits off me a couple years ago. And she even offered to drop a buck off here at the farm. Score!!

And so I’m back into rabbits. I’ve thought and thought about it, and I’ll be putting a small (about 6×10) colony space back in the corner of the calf barn where it was.

Sami still wants her black bunny with no mane. I still have the one doe we found from Golf’s last litter. She’s black, but she has a mane. I’d originally thought to sell or eat her, but instead I think I’m going to keep her and try to breed for what Sami wants. If I cross her back to my new Californian buck, I’ll end up with kits that are 3/4 Californian. If I can get a black one without a mane, it ought to have enough Californian in it to make a decent meat type doe. I know the mane gene is dominant. So crossing mane x no mane should result in a 50/50 split of mane / no mane in the offspring. Apparently rabbit color genetics are complicated. But I don’t think the Californian coloration is dominant, so by crossing him to a black doe I think I’ll get color in the resulting kits. With that plan in place, Hotel joins the herd.


And here is the new buck, India.


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