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by @ 7:49 am on March 9, 2006.

Much in the way every boy needs a puppy, every pig needs a friend. With Callie healthy and happy after recovering from her initial eye infection, I decided she needed some company. And so, after a trip to the movies (The Pink Panther – a fun, feel good movie that is worth seeing, but not a don’t miss) I made the trek into PetCo. They’d had a little girl pig the last time I checked, and I’d been thinking about her. She was still there when I checked on Saturday, and so home she came. She’s been dubbed Carousel, as it seemed to fit well with Calliope. And while those are the pigs’ actual names, in true creative Cook fashion, they have become known as Pig 1 and Pig 2. Pig 1 was quite happy to have a friend, as was Pig 2. Although she also could have been grateful to get out of that little pet store aquarium. She’s now in a cage probably 4 times the size of the PetCo one. In preparation for the new pig, I’d gone ahead and increased my cage size. It had been a 2×3 grid ‘C&C’ cage (which amounts to around 28″x42″ or 7.5 square feet), and I enlarged it to a 2×4 grid (28″x56″ or around 10.5 square feet). It may not seem like much of an increase at first glance, but it’s actually about 40%.

Anyway, Cari is settling in well. She’s still much more skittish than Callie. Callie’s at the point where she’ll come and take food from you, but Cari still runs and hides. Still, it hasn’t even been a week yet, so for the short time she’s been here, she’s doing great. She’s figured out what fresh food is, and is good about eating her veggies. Callie had previously refused to eat anything green and/or leafy, but quite enjoyed fruit. I’m hoping with Cari eating the lettuce, Callie will figure out it’s good for her. Callie is funny about what she digs out of her fruit bowl. She likes grapes, apples, and oranges, but doesn’t always go for the same thing first. Some days she’ll grab and orange first, and others the oranges are still there the next morning. Just goes to show pigs like variety I suppose.

I’m working on getting some piggie video taken and edited, but in the meantime here’re a few photos of Carousel.



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