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Garden CSA

by @ 3:14 pm on April 22, 2014.

This year I found out about the concept of a garden CSA. What is that? Community Supported Agriculture. It’s the idea that people buy a share of the garden, paid in advance, and then each week they get a share of what’s ready. This is instead of a produce stand, where people pick and choose, and you never know week to week who will show up or what you have a market for. We kicked it around and decided we liked this idea. There are several other CSA’s locally and all are selling out, so the concept must be popular. We did the math, and for a competitive price we need just 5 people to sign on in order to have our best produce sales ever. Just 5. We’ve barely started to advertise and we already have 1. So I have faith we can get 4 more. I think it’s a great concept. We’re the type of people who want to really load people up, so if someone likes variety they’ll for sure get more than their money’s worth going this route. And we get a guaranteed sale for what we grow. I’m really hoping this gets rolling. It’d be nice to have a small group of people to work with.

I’ve had fun with this so far too. We want to involve the people who sign up as much as we can. To that end, I’ve set up a web page with a full photo album. I’ve been keeping it updated with a log of our progress, and have been taking pictures to put in the album. For those interested, I think it provides a really good view into all the work that goes into producing a garden. I believe in this concept, and I’m sure once we get word out in the right places we’ll sell out. I’m positive no one that signs up will be disappointed in what they’ll get!

Produce Wagon Website

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