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Chick Pics

by @ 5:55 pm on April 20, 2014.

Coming the first week of May are my laying chicks. I’ve noticed the current group of chicks are getting pretty flighty. It may be partly the breed, or it may be (and more likely is) that I don’t mess with them at all. I feed them in the morning and chuck them back into the nest box at night. When I open the door to reach for feed, they all scramble to the corner. I don’t really care for this group, and I don’t overly care for my laying hens up here. But the kids like playing with the hens at Grammie’s so it’d be nice if they were a little more tamed down. To that end, I plan to try and pick out her chicks and let her raise them where they can be socialized and messed with more than I have time to do. This post will be my reference guide with pictures of the chicks that are coming. All pictures come from Meyer Hatchery which is where I ordered the chicks from. I’m expecting the following…

(6) Black Australorp:


(6) Speckled Sussex


(7) Salmon Faverolle (5 hens, 2 roos)



(3) Golden Laced Wyandotte


(3) Columbian Wyandotte


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