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New Kits!

by @ 5:53 pm on March 19, 2014.

On March 15th got a new litter of kits. It’s been cold on and off but they seem to be thriving. There’s only 3, and doe-bunny is keeping them well fed. I haven’t messed with them much. Partly because of the cold (don’t want them to get chilled) and partly because I don’t want the kids to know they’re there (so the kids don’t go trying to get the kits when I’m not there). I’ve dug in enough to be pretty sure there are 3. Two look black and one more dark grey. I don’t know color genetics so I’m curious what they’ll end up being. I need to get a move on getting their new cage up here. There are actually 2 parts to it. One I think will be a permanent setup for the does, and one a movable type grazing tractor for grow-outs. I’m anxious for summer to come so I can get fully up and running with everything.


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