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I Hate Pigs

by @ 11:28 am on February 6, 2014.

I hate pigs. But I love pork. Sausage, bacon, pork chops, pork loin… It’s all good.


Ernie’s grandparents raised hogs, so he knew what good sausage was. Once his family quit bothering with hogs, they kept buying sausage from a local butcher shop. This worked well for a while. But in recent years, hogs have been bred leaner and leaner, making the sausage not nearly as good as it used to be.

I began a quest for a heritage hog breed to raise. I was first drawn to Glouchestershire Old Spots because how cool a name is that? There are a few to be had around here, but they are expensive – 200-300+ for a piglet. That’s bad enough if you’re looking for breeding stock, but outrageous if you’re just after a butcher grow out. Then I saw an ad for Large Black Hogs in Grafton. They cost a premium too, but at least are doable. I can’t recall exactly, but I think we paid around $150 for our first pig who was something like 4 months old at the time. Maybe a little older, I can’t recall. We just got a second piglet, who was around $80 at 9 weeks.

Raising the pig was an experience. I grew up on Babe and Charlotte’s Web. Pigs were supposed to be nice, clean wonderful animals. Some people keep them as house pets.


Apparently my pigs have not seen those movies. They are big, loud, filthy, and obnoxious. They stink and are in no way cute. I thought I’d enjoy having a pig to raise. I didn’t. I lived for the day he could be eaten. So why did I do it again? Because he was so darn tasty! We kept out a few pork chops and put the rest into
sausage that we canned. You just haven’t had good sausage till you’ve had canned sausage. Yum!!!

Even with the yum-factor, I hated that stupid pig enough it almost wasn’t worth raising another one. The liver is what tipped the scales. I don’t eat liver but Ern does. He asked our butcher to save it for him. Butcher said sure, if it’s any good. He normally gets in commercially raised hogs, and said around 95% of the hogs he gets in have spots on their liver. Spots = cancer. ? these are butcher hogs, so most are only a year old or under. And I’m left wondering, what on earth are they feeding these hogs to give them liver cancer so young??? And do I want to feed that to my family?? Heck no!

And so here I am. Dutifully trudging through the snow and ice to once again feed a pig who is just as filthy, smelly, and obnoxious as the last one.


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