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I Love My Icelandic

by @ 3:16 pm on February 2, 2014.

I love my little icelandic horse. Every time I go in the field, whether to fill the water trough or catch another horse, Poki always comes over to say hello. Aside from being oh so cute and huggably fuzzy, he’s just the sweetest boy ever.

It’s been a long month since we bought Poki. The weather was cold and miserable, and just keeping everything fed and watered took all we had in a day. Yesterday we were blessed with a GORGEOUS day. It was overcast but calm, and got up to 55. Despite all the chores we had to catch up on, Sami and I snuck out for a short ride. Poki and Jim have become field buddies, so I decided to try ponying Jim from Poki instead of Boniface. The only big difference is I have to hold a lead rope in my hand instead of clipping it to the saddle. The treeless I use on Poki doesn’t have the rings that the western one I use on Boniface does.

We climb aboard and head out. Poki seemed fine with Jim being right next to him or right on his butt, and was fine with the lead rope pressing all over him. He left the barn with no fight at all this time since he had a buddy to go with him.

Our only problem was a point at which we needed to leave the now bare dirt road and cross into snow so we could go up into the field. Poki was sure that was a bad idea. He didn’t really do much except refuse to go forward, or turn and try to walk back toward home. I think it would have been almost a non-issue if I hadn’t also been dealing with Sami. I was trying to steer with one hand (holding Jim’s lead rope in the other), and every time Poki turned we’d get tangled up with Jim and have to start over. It was definitely under 5 minutes and he was persuaded to go forward with a couple light pops from the end of Jim’s lead rope. All in all I thought that was pretty good – to get him to do something he didn’t want to while ponying Sami.

Little things like that I’m sure will get better in time. We tend to ride the same loops most of the time so pretty quick there won’t be anything new for him to face around here. But I was happy with his response to saying “Huh-uh, not gonna”. No big spooks or fighting, and it didn’t take too much to get him doing what I wanted.

We continued on through the field and looped around dad’s woods. We stopped and Sami stayed with dad while I headed back home down the road. Without Sami to say it was “too bouncy” we picked up the pace a little on the way home. Poki’s gait is just plain fun. It results in a side to side hip sway that’s really easy to ride. Sore as my back was after a full day of chores, that didn’t bother it a bit.

I’m living for the nice weather to come and stay so we can get out riding more often!!

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