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Guinness World Records

by @ 3:49 am on November 7, 2005.

After the Alamo, we ended up doing the lunch buffet at Pizza Hut. We’d planned to do a little steak house / cafe thing, but that was a bit crowded, and mom’s back was starting to bother her. So we did a quick lunch there, and then headed back to the hotel for a break. Dad’s presentation was from 2-3:30, so mom headed for a nap. I chilled for a while in my room, watched a bit of TV, then decided it was time to maximize. I wandered down the street to the Buckhorn Oddities Shop, the self dubbed “Oddest Shop in the World”. I hate to tell them, but my garage has odder things than that store. Admittedly, my garage is not a shop, but still. The point is the same. Anyway, I still had well over an hour to kill, so I decided to hit the Guinness World Records museum. I’d thought about doing it earlier, but didn’t think we’d have time to fit it in. So at the time, I thought hey, I’m getting the best deal of all of us, since mom was sleeping, and dad was suffering giving his presentation. I went back to the hotel to grab my camera, and headed off. Turns out Guinness was a total waste of time. All it was was excerpts from the book and pictures along the walls. From the outside, I thought they’d have statues and more things inside, but no such luck. It entertained me well enough for the time I was in there, but my vote is definitely not worth the money. At least with the wax figures and the items in Ripley’s, they’re things you probably won’t see in a book collection, and if you did, seeing them in person once was neat. But Guinness was definitely a waste to me. I suppose that all paints a worse picture than is true – I was amused enough while I was in there. I was just very disappointed between what it was, and what I’d hoped it would be. I’m glad I know, but really, if you’re in San Antonio, you’d be better off just buying the book than going through the museum.

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