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Ground Hog Cultivator

by @ 1:54 pm on July 15, 2013.

I want to send out a good endorsement of the Swampy Hollow Ground Hog Cultivator. Ern had been wanting a new tiller – his is 20 years old. He saw an ad in a dairy magazine for the Ground Hog. He called about it, but at $1100 we just couldn’t justify it. And then last summer the bearings in his tiller gave up and died. He did look at some rear tine tillers in the $800 range but every time we’d look at one he’d start grumbling about how it was “cheap built” and how “they don’t make nothing good anymore”. Rather than spend $800 only to hear Ern grumble about what a piece of junk he had, I encouraged Ern to suck it up, spend the extra money, and get his Ground Hog.

Ern was a little concerned because a tiller and a cultivator are two very different things and he wasn’t sure he’d be happy with just a cultivator. We do have a big tiller that goes on the tractor that we use to work the garden down in the spring and initially get it ready to plant. Without that, I’m not sure just the cultivator would be enough. But since we do have it, Ern says all the time how much he loves the Ground Hog and wouldn’t trade it. It easily adjusts for different row widths, and does a super nice job in the garden. It’s well built, and pretty much anything that could ever break on it is fixable with a quick run to Tractor Supply. No specialty parts at all.

Having used it 2 summers now, it’s definitely something Ern gives two thumbs-up to. Not only does it work better than a tiller, it’s quicker and more flexible. Definitely a must-have for a serious gardener.

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