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What are people thinking??

by @ 11:21 pm on August 22, 2012.

Some time ago I wrote a post about an unfortunate miscommunication with a guy who drove clear from Ohio to look at bull calves we didn’t have (Ern thought they were talking heifers, he apparently thought bull calves; amazingly, neither caught the misunderstanding in that single conversation). He never called after the initial phone conversation to say he was coming, he just hopped in the car and drove 100+ miles. His wife was very unhappy when they had to drive home empty handed.

Selling rabbits is as much of a headache as selling calves. I got in over my head and ended up with too many rabbits for the space that I have. I sold most of my young stock in a wonderful transaction that went smoothly and through which I met a very nice, interesting lady. At the same time, I advertised two of my proven does. I was emailed by a nice lady who said she wanted to start breeding some rabbits for the family table. So she also reserved my oldest junior buck. She wasn’t coming this way for a week but swore up and down she’d be here and even offered to pay in advance. Since she offered I said no, just pay when you get here. I offered to go ahead and breed the does to my senior buck and she said she would appreciate that. She even emailed to confirm the day before she was supposed to come. And then never showed.

Now I’m stuck with two bred does I don’t have space for. It really seems a shame to put them in the freezer at this point since they’re nice does and good mothers. So I try to advertise them again. I wake up this morning to find an email response.

Do you still have them? Fair enough. Lots of ads aren’t immediately deleted and I’ve been guilty of that. Where are you located? China. I only list Gladesville, WV to weed out those who aren’t truly interested. Can you meet in Wheeling? Please wait while I clean up the mess from my head exploding. Yes. I’ll take an entire day and drive 200 miles spending more in gas to deliver the two does than they are worth. And sure, I’ll take less if you take both. Because when I said in my ad the price is firm, I only meant if you don’t take both.

Sigh. When I go to buy something I read the ad. The whole thing. And then I look up the location. Don’t tell me you can’t figure this out if you can get on craigslist and write an email. I’ve made offers and asked about meeting, but they’re on $1000+ purchases and most of the time I end up kicking in money beyond the asking price to compensate for travel. And then I send that money in advance.

I don’t know why the Internet has dumbed people down so much. Complete sentences, reading comprehension and coherent thought seem to be going straight out the window. My grammar is far from perfect. It was always my worst subject. And typing on an iPhone keypad is a skill unto itself. Sometimes my phone auto-corrects me in stupid ways that I don’t catch. But on the whole I try to proof read and sound somewhat intelligent.

It’s been a really rotten couple of days and I see things getting worse before they get better. My fuse is really short right now and this just set me off this morning. I haven’t responded yet. I’ve been waiting till my blood pressure lowers and I can send a polite no. Right now I just needed to vent.


I have to continue this one. I got a second attempt email from this same girl. Okay, I never did get back to her. I got busy and then forgot all about it. My responsibility. I take time this morning to respond. I tried to be polite but firm and clear. This is what I wrote back:

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I’m located about 15 minutes south of Morgantown, WV. I cannot meet you anywhere. My husband and I run a dairy farm and have two small children. It takes dawn to dusk to keep things going here and I just don’t have time to meet. I do still have one doe left. If you want to come to the farm to get her my price is firm at $20. After having buyers fall through, I will not hold the rabbits anymore – they get sold to the first person to show up with cash. Sorry if that seems harsh, but I’ve been burned one too many times to do it any other way.

See? I even confessed that I was not really in China. I figured that would be the end of it. If it had been, I wouldn’t be updating. I get another email back.

I understand the business of what you are doing but what if I paid extra for gas?

You clearly DO NOT UNDERSTAND my business. If you did, you would realize that running a dairy really is an insanely hard task for just 2 people with two small kids. She offered $20 in gas money. I wrote back again, this time a little less polite.

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