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The Produce Wagon

by @ 9:39 am on August 17, 2012.

For years Ern’s family raised a big garden and sold produce at the courthouse square to make extra money. There came a point when Ern was no longer a part of that and he’s missed it. He concocted the idea of using the wagon he built me to haul produce down to the road and sell one day a week. We went ahead and put out a big garden.


Ern thought about using Junior to pull the wagon but wasn’t sure how much weight Junior could hold back going down the hill since the wagon doesn’t have breaks. As I said in a previous post, that was partly what tipped the scale for me to get Jim.

We put out a big garden, put up signs, and in July Ern loads up the wagon and heads down.




Ern is down along the road on Wednesdays from 3-6. He is building a steady group of customers. Most of those that stop by come back, and he has a few more every week. Our sweet corn was junk this year so he doesn’t have any of that to sell. Most people that stop ask about corn; they don’t realize field corn and sweet corn are different things. They see our big fields of corn and think it’s sweet corn. Next year we will put out a boatload of sweet corn and have plenty.

On the whole Ern is pleased with how this endeavor is going. He’s not raking in the money they used to in town, but he doesn’t have nearly as much stuff and it’s a different market out here. We’re rural enough most people have gardens and are just buying things to supplement what they already have. As of right now he does plan to expand the garden and try again next year.

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