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Riding the Range

by @ 6:26 pm on August 16, 2012.

In most ways Sami takes after Ern. I joke that I KNOW she’s his but I’m not sure she’s mine. But like her mama she is nuts for the horses. Before this she’s ridden her pony with someone leading her and has ridden Boniface double with me. But she has done really well lately with holding on and not just launching off when she’s done but waiting for me to help her. She’s also wanting to ride for more than 5 minutes before her attention wanders and she’s ready for something else.

I figured you don’t know till you try so I saddled Boniface and Banner and off we went. We made it a couple hundred yards before Banner, in true rotten pony fashion, decided to start nipping Boniface. This lead to Boniface backing up and Banner starting to swing around. Sami was unconcerned but this was not going to work for a nice easy ride. So I got off and lead the two horses back to the barn. I had Ern watch Sami for a minute while I put Banner away and grabbed Jim. This greatly upset Sami who thought the ride was over already.

Once I got the horses saddled up Sami was all smiles again and off we went. We rode clear down to dad’s where we stopped for a drink, walked the dogs, then rode back home. Sami did great riding by herself. And Jim is just wonderful with taking care of her. I’m thrilled she’s reached a point we can go riding together already. She turned 25 months old today.


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