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I Caught A Wabbit

by @ 10:35 am on February 15, 2012.

Yesterday I lost one of my youngest litter. Literally. He escaped over my barrier, which wasn’t hard as the pen had built up so much hay. Ern found him first thing. Ern was able to catch him and get him put back but later that morning he was out again. I couldn’t catch him and had to get in the house to get Chester fed. I haven’t seen him since. In 3 litters that was my first escapee. It had been 6.5 weeks since I last cleaned out the colony, so that’s not too bad.

This morning I went over and found a bunny in the hay feeder. They’ve been jumping in on top of the hay, and apparently one just rode the pile down. I’m not sure if she was truly stuck, but she never got out on her own while I was doing the bunnies this morning.


I’m also throwing up a picture of one of the does from my first litter. We never got around to eating them so I’m going to try and sell them to see what the market is around here.


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