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Winter Arrived!

by @ 11:22 am on January 13, 2012.

It got cold last night! We got around 2″ of snow which isn’t much to speak of but the wind just howled all night. Charlie is on day 31 and had a nice nest built so she’s due any time. I checked the buns this morning, and it had snowed in the colony. The wind gusted so hard it blew the snow through the cracks in the barn door and left a good dusting over most of the colony. Still no kits this morning and the dirtballs of the last litter hid in the nest box last night eating most of poor Charlie’s nice nest. So this morning I added a few more buckets and stuffed everything with fresh hay so they have more places to get out of the wind. Hopefully they’ll leave the main nest box for Charlie now since they have other places to hide. It’s supposed to warm back up in a few days so hopefully Charlie will get her nest fixed back up to keep the kits warm when she has them. If they make it the next couple of days they should be fine.


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