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A Memorable Birthday

by @ 9:48 am on October 27, 2005.

Last Thursday was my birthday (I hit the big 2–5). The day admittedly had its ups and downs. School was much as it always was. On the way home, I managed to smash my finger in the car door. That was definitely the low point of the day for me. I had decided I wanted a new chair, so dad ever so graciously volunteered to give me his chair. You may think it’s because he loves me and wants me to be happy. And this would be true. But also, when he manages to pawn his old stuff off on Kevin or I, it means he gets to get new stuff.  He’d ordered a very nice chair from Overstock.com, a High Back Executive Office Chair. That had come while we were at school, so dad and I put it together. Then, after much debate about where I wanted to go for a birthday meal, I settled on Texas Road House. It turned out to be an excellent choice. Mom and I both got filet steaks, and dad got a slab of melt off the bone ribs (or whatever the proper expression is). The steak was the best I’ve had in a long while, and dad greatly enjoyed his ribs. We weren’t that impressed with the Roadhouse when we tried it when it first opened. But that was years ago, and they’ve definitely gotten better since then.






After dinner, we killed some time at Office Max before heading for Night Glow at the balloon festival. The idea is they blow up all the balloons, but keep them tethered. Then they turn on the flames all at once, so they all glow. We were early, so we wandered the fair briefly. Poor mama tripped, and skinned up her knee pretty good. So that was her low point for the day. Night Glow was supposed to start at 6:30. Round about 7:30 it was dark, and with no balloons yet, I amused myself by taking a few night photos for fun. We were up on a hill looking back over the fair grounds. In that picture, the lights on the merry-go-round blurred rather nicely. The other photo is of the something or other fire show. Which, I’m sorry, wasn’t all that impressive from up on the hill. But the photo with a long exposure came out pretty cool.






Round about 8:30 we finally gave up on Night Glow. They tried to get a few balloons up, but the wind kept them moving, and they never did glow them very well. So all of my balloon pictures (what few there were) came out pretty blurry and really not worth sharing unfortunately. Once we got home, we had birthday cake (courtesy of Giant Eagle).




There wasn’t really much I wanted in the way of specific presents. I found a horsey video game at Office Max, which is cheesy, but it’s been keeping me amused. I also got a subscription to Digital Blasphemy, which is a cool site that has various 3D desktop images. The guy that runs it makes some really nice images, and a 3 month subscription really isn’t very expensive. So I’ve enjoyed changing around my desktop with his different images. I also count my lounge chair as a birthday/Christmas thing. We got these back in September, replacing a couch and chair. Mine is the one on the right when facing the chairs (left when facing the TV). The quilts on the center chair (dad’s) and my chair are two I made, and the one on mom’s chair is one my grandmother made. We do a lot of suffering in those chairs while watching the Browns lose, but if you’re going to suffer, you may as well do it in chairs like these.





2 Responses to “A Memorable Birthday”

  1. Jim Cook Says:

    24 days between blog entries. I figured you forgot how to do it. 🙂

    I love the food shots! That rack of ribs was huge! I also loved the nightime shots of the fair. Way cool.

    Blog more often!

  2. Administrator Says:

    lol, I haven’t forgotten how. Just nothing much exciting happens in my life I’m afraid. 😛 I should have a bunch of awesome pictures from San Antonio to share when we get back. 🙂

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