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by @ 2:34 pm on December 26, 2011.

Christmas went pretty well this year. It was the second Christmas for Ern without his dad, so he got a little melancholy but on the whole dealt well. My brother and his family came to visit last weekend, so Sami got her first Christmas with them. It didn’t take her long to get the idea of opening presents this year.

On Friday we tried to take Sami to the mall to see Santa. I’d wanted to get her there sooner, but time got away from us (what else is new?) and we ended up at the mall 2 days before Christmas. Big mistake. I knew it would be crowded, but dang. The line for Santa didn’t actually look that bad when we got in it. But it took a good half hour. They had one girl taking pictures and doing checkout. So for each kid it would take a few minutes to get a good picture, and then the girl would stop and wait while the picture printed and she did checkout. I hate inefficiency. But we sucked it up. Sami was really good the whole time in line. I about fell over when I saw the picture price sheet. I figured maybe $10 for a basic snapshot. No. The base package could be yours for $22.99. Plus tax. Seriously. Still, with no other choice I was prepared to suck it up and pay it. Ern sits Sami on Santa’s lap, backs up so they can take the picture… And she starts to cry. Not screaming crying, but scared blubbering. Never could get her smiling, so I passed on the picture. She’s fine with strangers around here. I think it was just a stranger in a strange place was too much. So on the way out she rode the train with Ern and she really liked that.



Christmas Eve we went to the 2:00 service at church. It wasn’t nearly as crowded as I was afraid it would be. This year Ern helped Sami hold her own candle, which she thought was pretty exciting. Pictures below of Sami and Ern, followed by a shot of the sanctuary.



After church we went to my parents’ house for dinner. They had a few more little presents for Sami. Her favorite was a wooden tower with 4 balls you pound through the top. I had to get a video of that one. I tried three times to upload it and it failed every time. But man, can she wail with that little hammer! Bummer. Anyway, after milking Ern took Sami over to his mom’s for a few minutes and she got a few more presents over there.

That evening, I finally walked my butt down the driveway to take a picture of the Christmas lights. Sami loves the lights, so we splurged on all new LEDs this year. I think they turned out really nice.


Christmas morning after milking we started opening presents.


Of course, Sami had to help Ern and I with ours. The KitchenAid mixer is Ern’s. We found a great deal for it on Amazon, and so far he loves it.


This one was Sami’s. At a year and a half, it’s time for her to start earning her keep.


This one has proved one of Sami’s favorites. We don’t have a small air compressor, so Ern had to take it up to the shop to blow it up. The flaw was we have narrow doors that enter into corners, so trying to get it back into the house was interesting. We eventually had to let a little bit of air out to get it inside. It now takes up the entire corner where the tree once stood.


And here is fat, fat Boniface modeling my new saddle.


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