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Driving School

by @ 4:20 am on September 21, 2005.

This past weekend I attended driving school at Rocky Ridge Acres with Fred and Jessica Kiger. I can’t remember the last time I had more fun. Driving is something I’ve always wanted to learn, but it was hard to find someone. I’m glad I found Fred – he was a patient teacher, and he had drafts (Belgians) for us to work with. Mom went with me to watch, and she got to go on a few cart rides with me, which I was glad for. I know she’s always been interested in driving. Hopefully once I get Caleb trained up I can get her driving herself. Of course, I’ll have to watch that she doesn’t go and steal my horse. The other girl in the clinic was Lisa, who had never driven before, either. It was just the two of us learning, so that was awesome. We both had tons of driving time and individual attention, so we learned a ton.

The first day we started out with a single cart and a nice, two wheeled buggy:


By the end of the clinic I was asking Fred to start keeping an eye out for a nice, used buggy like that for me to use with Caleb. There goes my MARS money this quarter. Actually a new one isn’t too expensive. Fred said he paid $800 for that cart, which was nearly new (had only been used a few times). Not long ago he’d found one for only $350, which is actually a real steal. So I figure somewhere in between those two numbers should get me a nice, usable cart. I told him I didn’t plan to show, so it didn’t have to be shining and pretty, just safe.

Once we practiced with a single horse for a while, Fred hooked up a team for us to ground drive:


The first thing he hooked the team to was this big four wheeled wagon with seats all in the back. It was a little nerve wracking to have something so big back there, and to have it full of people (Lisa, mom, and Fred’s dad were back there). All went well, but that’s a heck of a way to get started!

This last picture is just kind of an artsy one mom took that I really like.


The second day we pretty much did a repeat of the first day, although with the team we got to play with going through an obstacle course. That was a boatload of fun. All in all, I thought I did pretty well, although I did crunch a number of the cones. Mom took a few videos of me working my way through the obstacle course, which are posted on my Movies page.

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  1. Jim Cook Says:

    Bet there are good cheap buggies here in Kentucky!

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