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by @ 6:33 pm on November 15, 2011.

Bravo died today. The last 2 days or so I noticed she was acting a bit off. Grumpy I called it. But she should have been only about week from kindling so honestly I thought she was just pregnant and a bit miserable from that. My ignorance showing I guess. Then this morning she finally showed obvious illness. She had that sick look about her and much more obviously she had hopped over to the waterer. She was already sitting really upright but would then kind of sit back further on her haunches, convulse a bit, and sit back down. I picked her up and she didn’t run or struggle at all – just flopped like a ragdoll. Her bum was a bit dirty like maybe she’d been runny, but wasn’t currently wet. I put her on a bed of hay in another tub with some water and pellets but really didn’t figure she’d live out the day. She made the morning, but was dead by the time I did an evening check. She’d flopped around and was on her back. There was just a little bit of blood around her back end after she died, so first we thought maybe she’d had kits die in her and was lost to infection or a stuck kit. But Ern went ahead and opened her up for curiosity’s sake, and she wasn’t currently bred at all. We’re no expert on rabbits, but saw no obvious signs of infection or any kind of impaction anywhere. So we’re shaking our heads as to what got her.

I picked up Charlie tonight, and if she’s not bred she’s plenty fat and apparently healthy. The buck and all 11 kits also continue to look bright eyed and active. So whatever killed Bravo I don’t think was contagious. But it does leave me wondering. I only ever did get one nest built and kits only appeared once. I never did know if the does shared or if only one ever kindled. But when I wrote about it before, my guess was that if only one kindled it was Bravo. And she died without breeding after 3 weeks with the buck. Of any scenario I’m hoping I was wrong, that it was Charlie who had and raised all 11 kits and Bravo was a dud from the outset. Time will tell I suppose.

As a side note, I’m embarrassed by the dogs. Not knowing what killed her we thought invest not to eat her so Ern went ahead and skinned her out, cut her open, cut off a hind leg for each dog and you know what? They wouldn’t eat her. But boy did the barn cats see mana from Heaven.

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